Don't waste your money on premium avatars or coat of arms

  • I bought a premium coat of arms after the last merge. I expected to have it after this latest merge, but it disappeared. The blurb under the premium coat of arms says "Unlock and use the selected coat of arms for 100? Once unlocked, you can use the coat of arms at any time and without limitations." so I contacted support.

    Lionmoon support keeps saying "You can select a new tribe image and a new avatar image while the transition period lasts (48 hours). All tribe and avatar images are avaialble for free, there are no restrictions as to which ones are free and which ones are not." I reply that this is not the case.

    This has been happening since the merge first happened. Now support is saying the transition period must have expired then. It hasn't.

    However, because of the support person's insistence they are free and the fact that the transition period will expire in a few hours, I clicked on the "unlock" button on the off chance it was just the purchase price that hadn't been updated. Nope. There went 100 turquoise for the second time.

    So don't believe the message under the button. You can't use it at any time without limitations. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • Update: the misunderstanding has been resolved to my satisfaction, so I retract the growls. But be aware that the underlying situation is still that these things don't survive a merge. Know that before you purchase them.