changing font size in tribe chat for headers

  • How can we change the font size to create headers on new threads in tribe chat? This would be used to make the threads more visible to find info faster.
    Would need step-by-step instructions not that computer savvy. Any help would be appreciated.

    ei> <size=60><color=red>Espionage level and Tambo's</color></size> (where and how high)

    Tried that way in chat did not work.

  • To make sections on your page go to the 'wall' posting area and hit the # button before your text.... kinda like hashtagging .. it will increase the font. (example: #Tribe Chat)

    'comments should pertain to the header you just made so make a section for all your tribes wants/needs... examples are Tribal Chat, Attacks on the Tribe, Attacks by the Tribe, Spy Reports, Rules, Tips, etc..

    you can move comments in the wrong area by copy/paste to the right section then delete...

    of course you have to be an admin to delete others comments but anyone can increase text size by just using the #feature