Curious about what the rules really mean about bullying, threats and harassment?

  • The tribe I was in on Yaxha was constantly attacked, as in repeatedly all day every day. The tribe doing the attacking claimed it was only because i was in the tribe and they would continue to attack everyone repeatedly until I was kicked out. The tribe hung in there for awhile, but after several players quit because they were tired of being bullied, the tribe finally booted me. So I joined another tribe yesterday. They were threatened in exactly the same manner, the tribe leader saying that if I stayed with the tribe, the only way they could avoid being repeatedly attacked was if they either refused to defend me or kicked me out. I thought threats, bullying, repeated attacks and harassment were illegal? Anyway I have the pm's from the offending parties which clearly state their intentions. I thought this was a war/strategy game, not a game where grudges were carried out in such a ridiculous manner.

    Well, you guys created it this way, you should know what's coming from it. This type of behavior is allowed? They basically dictate who can do what on that server with impunity by threatening to repeatedly attack so you can't grow or build at all. Does this make sense?