Old skool gamer back trying my hand

  • 8) Hi guys.. been playing a couple of days now, brings back a flood of memories from many other similar games I have played over many years.. seems very quiet in here which is a shame as this should be buzzing with players who want to experience the best possible game play. Seems like the patience of the younger generation is aimed more at shooters and fast paced games.. as the way they live RL :/ .. sometimes it pays to do a little research and you may find the smooth, quick path you so desire.. :thumbup:

  • as much as i love my cod zombies and other gamesbut this is more of a sterotype, its not as if none of the younger people play games but its not as prevelent as some think honestly, people are more concerned about moving on from the shock of covid honestly.

    ive had an account for 2 years and i only just got on the foroms:S