• I personally think that the initial protection time for new players isn't long enough should be more time and a higher level. The attacking ratio of Players 5x's higher is also exceptionally daunting for new players and think that should be lowered to 3x's higher. I should think the longtime players who have played for years would disagree.. but look at it this way.. if new players are driven out of the game who are we all gonna fight other than guys & gals who are just gonna walk & use protection & vacation !!! The game will will become a chore.. not a pleasure.. I think the Dev's really need to address these points. :thumbup:

  • Personalmente, creo que el tiempo de protección inicial para los nuevos jugadores no es lo suficientemente largo, debería ser más tiempo y un nivel más alto. La proporción de ataque de los jugadores 5 veces mayor también es excepcionalmente desalentadora para los nuevos jugadores y creo que debería reducirse a 3 veces más. Creo que los jugadores de toda la vida que han jugado durante años no estarían de acuerdo ... pero míralo de esta manera ... si los nuevos jugadores son expulsados del juego, ¿contra quién vamos a pelear todos, además de los chicos y chicas que simplemente caminarán y usarán protección y vacaciones !!! El juego se convertirá en una tarea ... no un placer ... Creo que los desarrolladores realmente necesitan abordar estos puntos. :pulgar arriba:

    no estoy de acuerdo, esta bien como esta, incluso quitaria la proteccion que se da atacar la ciudad de un jugador.

    si las tribus jugaran al juego y no al farmville muchos jugadores sabrian jugar y no solo quejarse de los ataques, los que abandonan es por que nadie les ha enseñado lo basico o no han sido capaces de meterse al foro a buscar por una de las secciones por idioma las guias que da el juego. el mayor problema del juego a parte de los administradores que no añaden nada nuevo son los jugadores que saben mas insultar por el chat que jugar atacando haciendo estrategias .

  • I do not agree, it's fine like this, it would even remove the protection that is given to attack a player's city.
    If the tribes played the game and not Farmville, many players would know how to play and not only complain about the attacks, those who abandon it is because nobody has taught them the basics or they have not been able to enter the forum to search for one of the sections by language the guides that the game gives. The biggest problem in the game, apart from the administrators who don't add anything new, are the players who know how to insult more through chat than play attacking by making strategies.

    And the reason all the players bar a couple on my server play Farmville is because there are not enough players to actually play the game as intended and pointed out by you ! Some new players are new to strategy games and take longer than a mature player to realise there is a forum and how to utilise the mechanics of the game, this along with the fact they maybe do not have the time to play on a daily basis is not an appealing factor to them at all. As for the last part of your answer there would be less insulting and trolls in Global Chat if there were more new players who were playing the game because they have been given the time to learn it.. not players who know the game after years of playing it that are bored because no new blood and have reverted to farmville tactics of walking troops, buying protection and vacation mode so spend hours in GC burning off their frustration rather than playing a combatative game.. this game needs a good shake up.. its become a chess game without a timer other than making sure you get online to collect res and walk your troops... "FARMVILLE" !!!

    As for removing the protection on a new players account .. I am surprised you say this because the rest of your reply I totally agree with.. but this is the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen on any strategy forum !!! :S