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    You're talking about a war server?
    If you're talking about a war server, you know there's no limit to attacks.
    If you don't want to be attacked constantly, go to the peace servers, or to the "normal" servers. These servers have protection against stronger players and periods of "pause" between attacks.

    Conquistad0r умейте признавать поражение!

    It's good to recognise defeat when there's a worthy winner, which is not the case.
    None of the first four rankings have merit in the classification achieved. They used an "error" in the game to get what they didn't make in six months of gambling.

    If anyone here is a worthy winner, this winner has the name of..... GINJA

    But on this subject I have nothing more to add.


    Infelizmente não posso dar os parabéns aos vencedores.
    Usaram uma táctica (permitida pelo jogo) mas que em nada os dignifica. Aproveitaram-se de um "erro" do jogo e de um evento mal programado, para se atacarem entre si e pontuarem tantos pontos quantos nunca conseguiram fazer em 6 meses de jogo.
    Como é possivel alguém fazer 6M de pontos em 6 meses, e de repente sem que nada o fizesse prever façam mais 6M de pontos em 3 dias?

    Que esta ronda tenha servido para que os developers do jogo aperfeiçoem e analisem os eventos antes de os lançarem.
    A seguirem este caminho, são cada vez menos os jogadores a dedicarem tempo e dinheiro a este jogo.


    Unfortunately, I can't congratulate the winners.
    They used a tactic (permitted by the game) but in nothing dignified. They took advantage of an "error" of the game and a poorly programmed event, to attack each other and score as many points as they have never been able to do in 6 months of gambling.
    How is it possible for someone to make 5 or 6M points in 6 months, and suddenly without anything making it predict they make more 5 or 6M of points in 3 days?

    That this round has served for the game developers to perfect and analyze the events before launching them.

    Following this path, fewer and less players devote time and money to this game.



    Once again, I think you are violating the rules of the Game.

    Game Rules

    Quote from M0H0

    §2. Communication

    ... ... ...
    c) It is not allowed to publish private correspondence (personal messages, personal discussions) without an explicit consent of all participants, including any communication with members of the support team.

    ... ... ...

    You've got another opinion.

    Quote from Sevral

    So as for me in this case was evident push

    .....Why was the account not banned in June when these hikes are being banned in August.......

    A question of mathematics.
    If in August were 76 moves to your account, it's evident that in June the moves were much smaller or non-existent.

    That's all.


    First of all, let me tell you something:

    It's not for yelling that you're going to be right.

    Second of all:
    I think you're the only one who thinks it's normal in a month and a half, or more, there are 76 moves to your account and only 2 to other players.
    The entire community that is reading this topic, or the one you will read next should share my opinion.
    .......... it gives all the idea of being an account for pushing.

    And if evidence were necessary, the administration blocked the account. They have tools to analyze these situations and made the decision they understood.

    I'm sorry, but I think your story is poorly counted. There must be something missing.

    In my opinion, if a player(s) continues his game, evolving searches, buildings, and recruiting troops, and at the same time sending cocoa to the tribe leader... then no. That's not pushing.

    Now if the player(s) just sends cocoa to the tribe leader.... for a month and a half or more.... and does nothing else on his account..... So I'm sorry... it gives all the idea of being an account for pushing.

    sevral, i read the part of the rules that defines pushing.

    the question is, is pushing (in the sense of helping) by genuine players in a tribe, for strategic reasons, objectionable or not.

    i don't mean SINGLE transfer, but a series of transfers with a definite aim.

    As I said earlier, it can give the idea of being pushing, regardless of whether it is for strategic reasons or a definite aim.

    Once again.... it's just my opinion

    I have a question for all players when a tribe leader has been involved in a great battle and needs millions of cocoa to cure the losses if the players of the tribe help him in this healing, is that a push or not?


    I have no doubts that this is not pushing. It's written in the rules of the game.

    § 5. Pushing

    a) ............

    b) Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources between fellow tribe members to help each other, as well as troop transfers for joint actions (joint attacks, defense, etc.) of fellow tribe members, as long as such transfers do not occur regularly and unilaterally for the benefit of the same account, are not considered as pushing.

    As large as losses, this aid will not last forever, so, i think it's:

    Quote from M0H0

    b) Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources..........

    That's my opinion.

    Ce n'est pas une accusation. C'est une demande d'enquête.

    Je ne l'ai pas écrit:

    re bonjour metzli,

    j'ai un joueur qui est sorti du mode vacances et qui à envoyé un message au support pour pouvoir bouger ses villes et changer de nom. il n'a toujours pas de réponse. peux tu voir cela, je te remercie pour lui


    et , il y a aussi ramstein13, merci de ce que tu peux faire pour eux

    e viens d'interpréter vos messages.
    S'il n'y a pas de violations des règles du jeu ... ... vous n'avez pas à vous inquiéter ou justifier


    et , il y a aussi ramstein13, merci de ce que tu peux faire pour eux

    Et il a un autre compte? Il a deux comptes?

    C'est possible?

    Les règles du jeu disent:

    [quote]1.2. Multi-comptes et Push

    Il est interdit d'avoir et/ou de jouer avec plus d'un compte sur le même serveur (« Multi-compte »). Si un joueur possède plus d'un compte sur le même serveur, tous ses comptes seront bloqués

    No! I was absent for almost 8 hours. Coming back I noticed 1 460000 on the map but 1 125000 in the ranking list. After a while on the map was also 1 125000. I have seen games with a lot of bugs, but this game breaks a lot of top scores. Some days ago I, without visiting theTzolkin Wheel, I lost 4 jewels. They were there and suddenly dissapeared.

    You lost 4 jewels??? 4 amber stones??

    You didn't upgrade the Quetzal palace?

    It's just a suggestion.

    Another question. Why the link to support does not work? They got holidays? Too much beer? Or they got bored with questions?

    You can send an e-mail to:

    Both are now fixed as of the time of this writing, we identified and fixed these issues as soon as we were able to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience, don't hesitate to report if you find any further issues.

    Obrigado pela resposta M0H0,

    Mas uma vez que nada é dito sobre as perdas, deduzo que nada será ou poderá ser feito quanto às perdas dessas tropas. Se a minha interpretação estiver correta, aproveito para lançar já aqui um desafio/sugestão para o Evento do próximo fim de semana. Que tal uma redução no custo de recrutamento dos guerreiros águia??

    Não sei se a comunidade TENTLAN partilha desta opinião, mas gostava que participassem deste desafio/sugestão, e deixassem aqui o feedback.

    _____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
    Gracias por la respuesta M0H0,

    Pero como no se dice nada sobre las pérdidas, asumo que nada será o se puede hacer sobre las pérdidas de estas tropas. Si mi interpretación es correcta, ahora voy a lanzar un desafío/sugerencia para el evento del próximo fin de semana. ¿Qué tal una reducción en el costo de reclutamiento de guerreros águila?

    No sé si la comunidad TENTLAN comparte esta opinión, pero me gustaría participar en este desafío/sugerencia, y dejar la retroalimentación aquí.

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