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    Tengo recursos para construir el palacio Quetzal, pero me falta uno que no se qué es, tiene un icono con una figura de color amarillo con un 4 al lado, no se qué es ni cómo conseguirlo para construir mi primer nivel del Palacio. Alguien que me ayude por favor

    I think you are talking about amber stones

    To get the amber stones you will do you are barbarian, you will have one you have the right to 5 barbarian per day. You do you are 5 barbarian for 4 days and you will have you are amber stones.

    You can't prove a negative, and the only way to disprove a negative is to DEMONSTRATE a positive. No one has yet stated "I have SEEN a Nahual report that shows troop movements between your cities' or 'I have SEEN a Nahual report that shows troop movements to and from a tambo'. Players that I have asked this question to SAY the Nahual report shows these movements because they assumed it, or they have been told it, but NONE can say they have actually SEEN an example.

    here is on the left a spy sent on the right the troops arriving or leaving the targeted city

    Yes we see the troops arriving or leaving the city targeted your...

    I am. We are not yet ready to share more news, but development continues to move forward steadily. We hope we can talk more about this next year.

    Without wanting to disrespect M0h0 it was planned more than a year ago, and now for next year... Then it will be summer 2023 well 2024 and after......

    Gram od lat na tentlan, ale tutaj rezygnuję z powodu złosliwości jednego z graczy, który nonstop mnie atakuje nad ranem, nie mam mozliwości rozwoju miasta i nie mam wiecej zamiaru tracic pieniedzy na cos co nie sprawia mi przyjemności. Nie ma mozliwości rozwoju na pewnym poziomie bo wszystkie surowce sa systematycznie grabione

    Why you don't send your troops on a ride while you're away

    Send them to you with the resources during your absence, find an ally who can help you, there are plenty of solutions.

    Or put yourself in vacation mode

    The troops are mentioned as injured, but they are not in the temple to recover. Are they completely gone now?

    Yes if it was during the event, 100% The troops do not pass through the temple and do not need to be healed

    Ik had mijn leger in mijn vijfde stad geplaatst en ben daar aangevallen, het gehele leger gewond. Helaas kan ik ze in de Itzamna tempel niet terugvinden om te genezen. Weet iemand waar dat aan ligt?

    p.s. heb nog niet alle gebouwen daar gebouwd, maar zou toch de gewonde legers moeten kunnen zien daar? Of ligt dat aan het level van de gebouwen

    Hoor graag, alvast bedankt

    Hi if your Temple of Itzamna is built in this city, your troops must be there unless it was during the 100% survivor event or the troops do not pass through the temple

    Est ce que tu avait suffisament de place dans ton entrepot aux retour de t'es troupes?? si tu n'avais pas l'espace les ressources sont perdu a jamais

    y a t-il un seuil de puissance à partir duquel un joueur ne peut s'attaquer à un joueur plus faible ?

    les points X5 ou l'inverse

    avce 1.000.000 de points jusqu'a 5.000.000

    Et a l'inverse le plus petit a partir de 200.000 points

    si il y a d'autres joueurs aux tambo cela change tout par rapport a leur points

    ecrit aux support

    et regarde deux screen un des nahu et un des aigles

    les nahu servent aux espionnage mais peuvent servir aussi a l'attaque, cherche la rubrique sur leur fonctionement

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