Music & Sounds

  • Both a suggestion and an inquiry. Music and Sounds. Some nice ones, too. I know there probably isn't a lot of pre-Columbian style music around, but even some minor things like sounds for structures upgrading, maybe horn/alert sounds for when there are Enemy troops incoming spotted by your watch tower, etc.

    Or let's say you open up a Battle Report that says you Won, it can play a small celebratory cheer sound, yes?

    Just some thoughts from Fur.

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  • This has been one of most requested ideas in all territories where Tentlan is running, so needless to say we are aware there is demand :) I could not give an ETA for it yet, but I would say that it is likely to eventually come.

  • Great idea. Would be nice to have some mood background music and jungle sounds (monkeys hollering, Mccaws cackling, jaguars roaring, etc.). As far as the music, there has been quite some research in pre-Columbian indigenous music, and have found some groups of native musicians playing for crowds on Youtube (Aztec, etc.) Perhaps looking down that road may help.