Designating warriors as atacking or defensive and other scenarios

  • For some historical peerspective I am using the following:

    It says in there:

    Long Distance Weapons

    The Mayans had both long-distance weapons and melee weapons. The long
    distance ones included bow and arrow, blowgun, slings and throwing
    spears. When the atlatl or spear thrower was brought to the Mayans from
    Teotihuacan around 400 A.D., it was quickly adopted and became the
    Mayans’ dominant long distance weapon. The atlatl greatly increased the accuracy, force and range of the spear; when thrown
    from an atlatl a spear reportedly could pierce the Spaniards’ metal
    armor. The blowgun was predominantly used for hunting, but it had some
    wartime uses as well. Mayan warriors used bow and arrows more during the
    Post-Classical era.

    Melee Weapons

    When armies clashed in battles, they used melee weapons, including
    clubs, axes, stabbing spears and knives. They Mayan war club resembled
    that the Macuahuitl of the Aztecs in that it was lined with obsidian
    blades on three sides. These 42-in long clubs could stun, break bones or
    cut. They were capable of cutting off a horse’s head. Mayans also used
    axes with heads of stone, obsidian, flint or bronze. The sharp edge of
    the axe could kill, but the dull edge could stun. The object of the battle was often to capture, not kill, enemy warriors, making the axe a good weapon.
    In hand to hand combat, the Mayans used the same 10-inch blade knives
    they used in sacrifices.

    Defensive Weapons

    The Mayans built fortifications around some of their cities. Examples
    of this include Seibal and Tikal. For defense, warriors carried shields
    and elites and veterans wore thick, cotton armor treated with rock salt
    that could withstand obsidian. Helmets were unknown and warriors wore
    elaborate headdresses instead. Warriors also used body paint and animal
    skins to show their status.

    Unusual Weapon

    The Popul Voh, the book of the Kiche Maya, tells of hornets and wasps
    used as defensive weapons. When attackers came, defending warriors had
    gourds filled with hornets that they threw into the midst of the
    attackers. Hornets erupted out of the gourds and angrily attacked,
    killing many warriors. The defenders won the battle.

    What I am trying to propose is to let players have a warrior who has defensive capabilities to counteract the attacking capabilities of the more attacking warriors.

    I would think that if the Mayans had fortifications it is likely they would use some warriors with bows and arrows more for defensive purposes. So I propose such a warrior.

    Also if possible have something like a moat - basically a static type of defence - that acts as a bulwark so that the wall can withstand siome damage before losing a level.

    I have no issue with the attackers having more chance of winning but if such defensive warriors and some kind of defensive structure could be added the game it might be interesting.

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