A Tribe question

  • is it possible for a Founder of a Tribe to hand over the Tribe to another player and leave?
    If so how do they go about it?
    I kow a FOUNDER has a right to disband a Tribe but it would be better for there to be a way for another Tribe member to be made a Leader without a Tribe having to be disbanded if the majority of the Tribe wants to stay as is.
    Also if a Tribe leadfer goes AWOL or missing how does one kick him/her out?
    I suspect that in this instance the members all have to leave the Tribe and form a new one under another Founder. Is this correct?

  • Good questions Tane.

    I don't see any reason why a member of a Tribe that has disbanded cannot set up another Tribe of their own and invite the players they want or ask the players they want to apply. Of course that would mean that THEY have to go through all the hard work that involves :).

  • There are multiple ways to go about this. The simplest is like Zexa suggests to disband or leave the current tribe and set up a new one. If this is not viable or not very practical, while there isn't an explicit option to hand over the tribe to another member, if the founder leaves the tribe the admin (or member if there are no admins left) to first join the tribe originally (the "oldest" so to speak) will be automatically appointed as founder. If you don't wish to disband/leave the tribe and the founder is inactive and/or can't be reached, then, albeit a bit slower, the third option is contact us (e.g. via private messages or via support@lionmoon.com) and request a manual founder change. We will need at least 51% of the tribe to contact us privately with their vote for a new founder in this case to ensure there are no hostile or unfair take overs.