Cannot log in

  • I deleted my history. I did not delete passwords. but now i cannot log in. I also cannot retrieve my password. I am not getting the email. Help

  • Kat, The Devs might not see this post for awhile.
    To contact them directly do the following:

    When you are on this board look to the Top.
    There will be your log in name then a Title called Notifications and then a Title called Conversations.
    Click on Conversations.
    That will bring up a Drop Box with the Titles:
    No More Conversations
    Show All Conversations and
    New Conversation.

    Click on New Conversation.

    That will bring up a new screen

    Under Details will be Subject and under that a Box to type Text.

    Type your Subject there.

    Below that Will be The title Participants twice.
    Below the 2nd Title Participants will be a box to tpe text

    Type M0H0 as you type it there will be a pop up with his name so click on that then insert a comma and type Gaviotta. Again as you type Gaviotta her name will pop up so click on that.

    Then Scroll Down to the Messages area and type your message to them.

    Finally scroll down and click on SUBMIT.

    That should get their attention.

    Good Luck