Latest updates

  • Thanks for the information about the latest updates.
    I think these updates will make the game a better experience for all.
    I will see what impact it will have on the game on the BETA Server.

    Now a question.
    How far away is the TAMBO update please? Are there technical issues stopping this being able to be implemented soon?
    I am not at all keen on the "Transfer troops" feature and once the TAMBO is fully featured I hope the ability to "Transfer troops" will stop.

    Many have noticed that a player's rank goes up and down based on them using the "Transfer troops" function. it seems taht they "Transfer troops" so that they can attack lower rnked players. I am not sure that is quite right or fair.

  • It was important for us to address what's covered in the latest update, in order to set a solid foundation for espionage and watchtower in the future, hence why these got prioritized, but Tambo is still coming eventually, bear with us.

    One thing that I should say though is that we do not plan on discontinuing the option to transfer troops between players since we consider it integral to Tentlan. I understand that many consider that functionality unfair when several players get their troops together to launch attacks, but then you can simply retaliate with the same coin and gather the troops from players that side with you too.