FAQ - 3. Population

  • - What does "total population", "free population", "working population", "maximal population" mean?

    • Total population consists of free population and working population.
    • Free population is that part of your citizens that is available for new tasks.
    • Working population is that part of your city's population whom some tasks have already been assigned to (such as building a new level of a building structure, performing a ritual, etc). Every time you assign to your citizens a new task, free population changes its status to working population.
    • Maximal population is the maximal quantity available at each level of the Sun Temple (the Sun Temple is a building responsible for population growth). Each level of the Sun Temple has a pre-defined range within which population can grow; when the maximum is reached, a new level of the Sun Temple must be built so that your population can grow further.

    - Where do I find details about my city's population?
    By placing the cursor on the population icon on the resource bar, you'll see an overview of your population:

    To view more details, click on the Sun Temple, where you'll find information on population, corn consumption, and where your populations is currently employed (buildings, units, etc), as pictured below:

    - What would happen with population when an order is completed, would it be set free?
    This depends on the task your citizens work on. For example, when researches and rituals are completed, citizens that worked on those tasks will be set free, i.e. they rejoin the pool of free population and thus same population can be used for new tasks.

    - What happens with population if my units have been destroyed in a battle? Would I get it back?

    No, you won't, since the units have been destroyed. In this case, a free space will be formed, and over time it will be filled with new population.

    - How does the population growth work in Tentlan?

    The building responsible for population growth is the Sun Temple. If you need more citizens, you need to upgrade this building, since each level of the Sun Temple allows allocating more free population. Each level has certain a range or limit up to which the population growth takes place. To view "maximum population per level", click on the Sun Temple, then press the "Show more info" button, and you'll see the following overview:

    As pictured above, the level 30 Sun Temple has max. population of 1,262,482 citizens. This means that population would grow over time till it reaches the mentioned limit. In order to obtain more population, you'll have to upgrade the Sun Temple once again.

    - I need more citizens. Where do I get them from?

    • Keep upgrading the Sun Temple, since each level allows accommodating more citizens.
    • Research Mathematics: each new level of this research extends the limit up to which max. population can grow.
    • If you urgently need free population, and there is no other way to get some, you can demolish building levels or dismiss units, thus releasing free population.

    - How are "Population" and "Corn" related with each other?

    Corn is the food that your citizens consume in order to be able to work on various tasks you may assign them to. Consequently, the more people live in your city, the more corn they would consume. Note that working population consumes the double amount of Corn in comparison to the amount that free population consumes.