FAQ - 9. Barbarian camps

  • - How many times per day can I raid barbarian camps?
    5 times every 24 hours; additional raids can be acquired for turquoise (premium).

    - When does the new cycle for barbarian raids start?
    At 2am CET (GMT+1)

    - Where can I look up how many attacks on barbarians I still have?

    Go to the world map, and in the low right-hand corner you'll find a bar that displays the number of available attacks:

    If there are no free attacks left, the remaining time for the new cycle to start will be displayed instead:

    - How many times is it possible to raid a barbarian camp before it disappears from the map?
    5 times (note that these 5 raids can be initiated by different players)

    - After a barbarian camp disappears from the map, when will it be replaced by a new one?
    Those camps that have been attacked at least once, will be replaced in 24 hours. Those that have been attacked 5 times and already vanished from the map, are replaced by new barbarian camps every 6 hours, starting at 6:45 CET.

    - How many amber stones can I find in barbarian camps per day?
    You can find at least one amber stone if you attack a barbarian and win the battle. If you are very lucky, you can even get more than one stone the same day, but this does not occur very often.

    - How many units do I need to successfully raid the barbarians?
    The best way to find this out is to use the battle simulator that you'll find on the low icons bar:

    Just spy on a barbarian, and insert the data into the battle simulator by clicking on the simulator icon that is displayed in the espionage report:

    Now you need to try different unit combinations in order to find out the best solution for each level. Note that the building structures that grant bonuses (Temazcal - stamina bonus, Dwarf Pyramid - strength bonus, Moon Temple - luck bonus) also matter, as they directly influence units characteristics.

    Here are some examples of the troops combinations that work:
    Level 1: 5 lancers
    level 2: 37 bowmen
    level 3: 170 bowmen
    level 4: 850 atlatl hunters
    level 5: 5,000 atlatl hunters or 245 jaguar warriors plus 2,450 quipus and 2,450 shamans
    level 6: 15 ek chuahs plus 1,500 quipus and 1,500 shamans
    Note that these are just a few of possible combinations that may work. Using the battle simulator, you can identify further combinations that are as good as those listed above, or even better.