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  • Hey guys, I figured I'd compile a quick-and-easy list of the Communities wishlist, as well as make this the primary discussion thread for them, that way we can make sure there are not double-posts about similar ideas, and it's quick-and-easy to find out who suggested what and the comments on it. So, here we go;

    Tentlan Community Ideas & Suggestions

    World Map Zooming In/Out (by Kurgar/Tane) - Ability to Zoom out for a much wider view of the World Map, and to zoom back in on a given location.

    Quote from M0H0

    Zooming is indeed not implemented yet in the worldmap, but as Furry suggests, it should be possible to scroll far beyond the visible region by simply dragging and dropping the worldmap with your mouse, or using the arrow keys in your keyboard. It's also possible to jump from one location in the worldmap to another using the coordinates input in the bottom left corner (e.g. from 100:100 to 600:600). There is also currently no visual aid to distinguish which cities belong to which players and tribes until you hover with your mouse each specific city, as Furry mentions.

    Tribe/Tribal Wars
    (by TaneMahuta) - A system to allow Tribe(s) to go to War with each other.

    Ability to Disable In-Game Hints (by Zexa) - The ability to toggle on/off in-game hints within the game itself.

    Moving to "Help & Questions". Furry is correct, it's currently not possible to disable them. Do note though that these have "memory", so as long as you play with the same browser usually you won't see the same tip repeated more than once a day.

    Tribe Member Rights (by Hoggel) - Additional ranks/rights for Tribe members, other than just Founder, Admin & Member.

    You are right that "rights-wise" you can only set whether someone is admin, which is a bit limited, but note that admins may edit member ranks to be anything they like (there's a textbox next to each member name when you edit members in the tribe), so it's still possible to make the distinction between for example members and senior members. These ranks show when members comment in the tribe wall, or in the members page. Does this help?

    Tribe Tags (by Hoggel) - Having Tribe-Tags displayed adjacent to your name in the In-Game chat, ie. [Tenoc]Hoggel

    Planned We wanted this in for sometime now, but things got in the way up until now, it's eventually coming though.

    Active Gamehelpers (by Cyberhippie) - Ability to have 'Mods' or 'Helpers', in a sense that can be active with the community and provide insight.

    Enhanced City Icons (by Furry) - Additional GFX on the World Map to make higher-level cities and barbarian encampments to be more distinguishable.

    Planned! It's true that there's a different graphic depending on whether the village belongs to you, to a member of your tribe, or to somebody else, as well as whether the village is inactive or not, but I agree that the worldmap could use more variety. Distinguishing barbarian levels graphically is something we'd like as well. I can't say when we'll be able to implement these since there are a few things in the pipeline still though.

    Tribal Chat (by Hoggel) - Having a separate chat window for Tribes, so that they may discuss Tribe-related topics and the such.

    It's a suggestion that comes up often indeed. When we originally built the wall for the tribe, we envisioned a "hybrid" communication channel, something that would work both for low volume delayed communication and high volume real time messages (if you haven't noticed yet, messages in the wall show in real time as they come), but as it turns out tribe communication is a wide topic and a one-size-fits-all doesn't necessarily work that well So in some situations an "old fashioned" but carefully structured tribe forum makes more sense, in others a real time chat would make things easier. We are thinking about these things and we'll see how we'll integrate them in the future in Tentlan.

    Chat Hyperlinks (by Kurgar) - Having the ability to link your own spy/battle reports to other players and tribe-member in the game, as to provide insight on a potential enemy.

    Planned as well, the utility of this would be immense, since reports are being constantly shared, so we know this has to happen rather sooner than later.

    Improved Underground Caves (by Krymac) - Underground caves holding more resources than they currently do, since they hold an incredibly small amount.

    We'll keep that in mind, it's definitively not the first time we hear this complaint. The Underground cave is not supposed to be a perfect resource safeguard, but I agree that it could be improved.

    I'll keep this updated, and if anyone wants their idea or suggestion taken down just message me and etc.

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  • If anyone has any suggestions that they've brought up recently, or new ones they don't feel like posting - send me a personal message containing what you want to add to the pinned list, and I'll put it up as well as any reponses from devs.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali