lower: building costs

  • hi

    i have been playing awhile now. and found that trying to get a new city cost far to much, i have 9 cities and just seems no way to get another city, and was a struggle to get them. is there no way to low the cost. on top of them the high cost to build higher level of cities and research grimm

  • Nine cities is a pretty high number actually, most players usually don't reach that amount of cities in a long time. We did not plan for players to have tens or hundreds of cities because it could easily become more stress than fun to keep up with your empire but feedback noted, we may have work to do for experienced players.

  • Well, I'm one of those "experienced" players and I think the game has been well thought out. It isn't the number of cities that matters it's what you do with them and how you use them, position them etc etc etc.

    I encourage you devs to just keep your nose to the grindstone on things like the Tambo, and perhaps a Pok te Pok arena gladiator pvp concept among other things. The best part of this game is the community. Bullies and blowhards have already learned what will happen when a team sticks together.

    BTW, this is the BEST online game I've played yet. I invest a lot of time and effort and the results are always very satisfying.

  • i have to agree with vappster further comments on this issue, specially as there is plenty of room on the server, being able to build up more cities would make it more fun. can you not think about maybe each cities palace being able to build a city, for example 1st city lv 3 gives 3 more cities, 2nd city lv 2 gives 2 more cities then in total 5 cities