Seibal News (A Crio look on the new merged server)

  • - Day 2 -

    Hello everybody...
    My story below with learn you something... always put yourself in vacation when leaving a server for a long time...
    Well, not much of you are playing in different servers and language as i do (maybe yes... who know) but when the
    server merge happened... i was deleted due to temporary inactivity (don't worry Tentlan team i understand the reason)

    Most will probably be p... off by the situation but starting new is always nice. And the start of the game is still the best part of the game to my opinion.
    I will try to translate here my feedback on the "new" server... and more... i hope to keep up longer than last time ;)

    After a short week of game, the new server see old and new forces rise...

    Mayans, Chichen Itza, Brownies are all there... Some are still not recreated and will maybe join new forces as Cunntee Warriors...
    Naturally, I rejoined Brownies... my foodies friends...

    Chat is still really calm tonight (Belgian Time)

    I'll keep you up ;)


    PS: I know... i didn't resist to post the first thread here ;)

  • Hi Bud... Thanks... I will but my curse is to nearly never finish it ;)

    - Day 3 -

    The good thing in the jungle is that you're never alone... a Jaguar, a blue ara, a barbarian...
    two barbarians.... I feel like a well known gallic village resisting again and again against the invaders...

    As i need some spaces for my next corn fields i just send some troops to clear the less aggressive camp.

    For newbies as discussed in the tribe chat... never forget to send some spies first and use the simulator to don't have too much own ghost warriors tickling you at night.

    I think here that the game have some sense of humour as a sleeping lancer... sacrificed to Balam by 5 warriors
    is an overwhelming victory... on the lonely hut battlefield.

    Despite this quite pathetic first battle the city is growing fast...

    Our Market is opening a new trade route to the high plains (where we sent our excellent obsidian) and some bottle of corn beer are already
    strategically hidden in the cave (on top/left). The entrance is well guarded night and days so... no passaran ;)))

    PS : Tonight i seen the chat pop-up filled.... seems life is coming back slowly but surely ;)

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  • - Day 4 -

    The city is more than ever in effervescence this morning...

    The cacao growth quickly this season and we will take a nice bonus tonight.

    This will help us to build some extra troops always really demanding in cacao. Also our research will be boost.

    Some research will not only give you access to new building and troops but important bonus on the battlefield and for the ressources production

    A flight of aras passed on the temple.

    This is a good presage. The fresh arrival of ressources from my Tribe friends helps me more than them to jump ahead in the game. But a tribe is more than that, it's what makes the game really fun....

    Out of the tribe the other players will be friends or foe... a chat with both of them is always nice ;)

    But be aware that all you say here is public and you don't know who is hidden in the Fog... (Foggy... maybe ;) )

    I'm still following the quests for the moment... when you don't know where to go.... follow the nice advice of those blue red and yellow
    surrounded "friends" on the left side of the screen... their advice are good.

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  • - Day 6 -

    The day passes and after a new raid of nice level 3 barbarian (with a 3 paint in blood on their skin you can't miss them) we decided to build a wall around the city, but we also need some extra research for it.

    The construction is really nice but the first tentative to build a tower to scout out the jungle on top of it failed. We need to improve our engineering to succeed... and pray.

    But all those advanced scientific research cost a lot of ressources (Technotitlan wasn't build in a day with sand.)

    Today i seen some spy in the trees, more than our engineering we really need to improve our spy efficiency as they didn't notice anything until one of them fall to the ground. (what trust me made some noise)

    The nice advance of the engineering science will also help us to reinforce our wall. All new research. Add 2% to our wall stamina...

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  • Thanks Ququmatz...

    - Day 8 -

    Our shamans are complaining about the size of the hospital in the sun temple and there is some plan to add a new temple to Itzama

    But other great improvement are already ongoing and our workers cannot produce more limestone for the moment and the reserve are empty... we will need to wait until next day to start it.

    Feeling a little too in security one of our tribe council member proposed to test our troop readiness.
    A old tribe still occupy a part of our godly assigned land and we will to please the gods so.... Attack.

    The result is a flawless victory ;) Our lancer will receive an acre of land each as reward even if i'm still
    sure that a ready to fight tribe will be more difficult to deal with.

    But this attack give us the time to our scientist to make the latest research needed to build our own Itzama Temple,
    The place gain in the great pyramid will be reaffected... A swimming pool maybe ;)

  • - Day 10 -

    The Shamans are finally on the last medicine research (Level 14) and we start to build the temple... it's a good thing as the barbarian around are stronger and stronger (some scary level 6 was seen yesterday so close that we can smell their last meal)

    Our workers want more cacao and the tribe council decides to enlarge our current cacao fields

    With the new temple build, we also need more shamans... but the Sun god will sleep for now and we all need some rest... From the top of the temple i hear some nice voices complaining about the return of the night...

    Providing a place for out warrior to rest after the battle is nice but prepare for the battle before anyone is wounded is better. From the first lights of the day and with the always more advanced engineers we are finally able to add a watchtower. Our spies will now see those ennemies coming before they are Gently Knocking / Breaking our walls.

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