One above the rest

  • If I understand you correctly. In your server there is one player clearly above the rest. Since he has become so strong others are pretty much sucked dry and they cannot achieve needed defense to deal with this problem.

    Well this is balance problem in the game. Game it self is build with general idea bigger is better. To the point that at some point there is no need for real strategy. add money to equation and some features could make this player to be virtually invincible.

    In my view fight system need lot of work. Mainly in 3 areas.

    Units: def and attack values

    If units would be more effective in def battle or in off battle. Then differences between 1-100 would become lot smaller.. Since players would always have option to be balanced, defense turtle or raiding barbarian. There would always be option that huge attack force could be annihilated by smaller timed counter force that lands in same second.

    Time and city placing: Strength in buddies

    Because attacks are so fast and large distances seem really small even to large armies. War becomes more like small game of tag where winner takes it all. In my opinion we shouldnt be able to give away troops, nor should we be able to move troops to where ever in our cities.. unless its def mission and units are drawn back to their original starting point.

    The very least players should be given possibility to siege another city and then stop movement to that city. Giving players a change to areal supremacy. Forcing cost to invading army to be too large.

    Game also lacks natural barriers, Which would protect smaller alliances or give them change to gain upper hand in certain areas in map.. even if they dont have the largest army. These barrier could also affect movement times. Which are just too fast. I can attack far away places in 10min or so.. Which means small target with rich opportunities. Are just hammered awhile they go to toilet.. This game should really give their players a chance for sleep and toilet brakes.


    Some troops could and should avoid death in defense loss. Also at the same time bonuses like 100% bonus.. should be take away. Thats just.. stupid. Personally I would set up the losses in 3 categories. Narrow loss 5% survive and regroup after some time. Loss 15% units regroup after some time. Overwhelming loss 50% units regroup after some time. Add to that that 30% of units could be resurrected.. For attacker there is change to get 5%/10%/20% in case of loss. + max 30% after healing.

    If there isint any healing of units. I would wish that poloms, spies and pochteca units could be saved if there is no battle taking place.

  • This game is a fraud. Admin game and destroys the best players. Information is transmitted to their colleagues. Do not play this game. This is not okay

  • Moving to the international area. To clarify, no admin nor anybody from the team is currently actively playing or attacking other players. Concerning the score discrepancy on the worldmap, scores in the worldmap are cached and sometimes are outdated, this is a known issue; when this happens the score that appears on the highscore window is the up-to-date one.