Built-in tranlator

  • Google offers a plug-in that translates a website into the language of whoever is reading it. It would be very handy if Tentlan's website, especially the forum, used this.
    There is probably a lot of duplication in the various language sections of the board, but as a reader, without translating every single thread, I don't know if what I am searching for is already there somewhere.
    Google's translate tool does not translate idioms well, but at least we could get the gist of what is being said, and it would probably cut down on the work of the moderators.

  • Well I translate from Russian to English and it never makes much sense. And i I translate English to Russian, my Russian friends tell me the words are wrong too.
    I can usually understand the general sense of what is posted in Spanish, but when I tried to translate from English to Spanish, again it could handle a very simple English idiom, and translated it literally. So my experience with Google translate is that it is very buggy.