Spying more sensible

  • In my opinion spying and counter spying MUST be more sensible. Right now its safe for larger player to just kill off troops of entire alliance. Only thing he has to do is spy before attack. This is massive problem to those who try to get up in rankings. At some point someone that has more hours in game will just spy and kill your troops inside 30min. And you cant do much about it.

    If spying would be harder. Smaller alliance would have better change to build defensive traps and discourage attackers. Attacking would also be more risky move than it is..

    1. I would make it so that spying tech has little to no effect on spying.
    2. Spying techs effect on watchtower should remain as it is.
    3. Spy units should not be killed in battle.
    4. Town population, units in town and amount of spy units in town/spy mission should be most important factors when spying or counter spying.
    5. Add risk simulator for spys

    1a. Spying tech could limit how many spys you have in one town. This shouldnt effect on spys that you have in Tambo. This mean that if one player has a limit of 1000 and another has limit of 1500 then they can add in one town 2500 if there is tambo.

    1b. Allow you to send more spys on missions. Meaning you could use more spys on one mission. Which wouldn't always be a good thing since sending more spys in small village makes it easy to detect..

  • Spy system needs to be more balanced for sure. Its cheapest form of defense and because it works like it does. Its impossible to build defensive traps. Def traps dont work if attackers know where they are.. Right now game is pretty much 1vs1 type of game. Meaning in short amount of time that ranking board will look very thin.. and difference between 1-20 is huge. If spying would be more balanced.. Average alliance with 3 million points and 30 members could actually beat 1million point player..

    Last thing is.. walls need to be more effective.. 300 archers could literally beat any wall. level 40 wall that can be destroyed level by level.. Way too expensive.. just build extra units..

  • I had problem like this in other game. There you needed just more spy's than other. I think even that is more fair and works better than this. Personally I like spying system Ikariam has. Where large towns are easiest to spy.

    Spying needs to work for everyone.. or you cant build def traps against big players and they can just roam free..

  • Spying in ikariam is far from being perfect. Yet it is better than this. What I would like to see is that every town has its own spy defense. Not like its now. Now most important factor is spy tech and that gives empire wide protection. In Ikariam there is lots of other stuff that you can choose to spy. That would be nice too. Now everything is in one spy report.

    I guess we could endlessly discuss about how we could improve this, but my main hope is that current system is fixed soon. Its easyest and fastest way to fix many faults in battle mechanics of this game. That and removing gifting troops option. Improved Tambo system should replace this completely.


    - Everytown should have individual spy defense. Focus away from spy tech
    - Spyingshould be harder to do than defend against
    - Information should be attainable with more than one way