Could we merge Nordic Mayapan servers and start new Nordic server?

  • I would like to request that Nordic servers would be merged in to one :love:

    By doing so I think servers could find new rivalry and warrior spirit. If possible you could inform servers 2 months earlier and give regions on new Nordic servers. Oh well.. All i know servers are dying.. they need little mouth to mouth..

  • If this is done about 2 months from now.. or little less and its announced early. Why not. Still in FI server and SWE server there seems to be 20 or so active players. NOR less than 10. Handful of those are +5mill accounts. Meaning that about 1-2 months after merge. There wont be more than 10 active players in merged server. And so.. problem isint solved.

    I would like to know what "regions" hold inside. But I assume its cardinal directions and center. If players could chose where to log in. Maybe this would give some time to server really pick things up. It should also work in away that players cannot build/move village outside their capital village region.

    But straight forward server merge could lead up to be to be attempt for mouth to mouth.. not enough players in these 3 servers..

    I dont mind server merge.. But I dont see it to be solution to anything. Im just as happy with national servers.

  • On regions.. you could also do it in away that +250k can start from center. others + new players start from cardinal directions. Villages in center could be part of some alliance event. This could give growing space for smaller players who eventually come to center.

  • Merge would do no harm. Go ahead. Thanks MoHo for asking opinions.

    Regions... Well having Cardinal Directions and Center space sound fantastic. Maybe no colonizing zones between them too. Yet I personally would like normal merge someday next month.

  • I was thinking more in the line 20+ regions. That have 1 central piece. Like high mountain. Maybe add on that later on.. religion or something.

    We still need this merge or very soon there is nothing to merge.