happy hour and prices

  • Have happy hours disappeared from the game? I've been waiting for one for some time now, but it might be that I missed it. Beforehand warning on the forum would be most welcome, or maybe a precise time set in advance. I mean... in the pub it's written on the board: EVERY FRIDAY 21 TO 22 HAPPY HOUR!! Please don't pick friday night for yours, the choice would be so hard :saint: .

    Now something else entirely. The game is getting older, and accelerations are out of the question due to prices that are just... well I can't find a word to describe them... even gigantic seems so smallishly inappropriate. Maybe prices should evolve with the age of the server or the level of the player?

  • So happy hours haven't disappeared, as you probably saw on Wednesday, if you weren't too late :) They are there, but we don't have a particular schedule or timing when they happen, so we can't publish that in advance yet.

    As for prices and accelerations, you are right, at high levels it's possible we have some work to do there, feedback noted.

  • I take the opportunity of this post to notice (again) that maybe due of hazard... the happy hours are happening often at the end of the month... when people have less chance (money) to buy them ;)