Can't Spy Until Tutorial Complete. No Other Tasks!

  • Hello, newbie here. One of my tasks in the tutorial is to send a spy to the neighboring barbarians. I try to send one, but I get a message saying that I must complete the tutorial before sending any "troops". The problem is that I'm not receiving any more tasks. I haven't received any messages saying that I have completed the tutorial. I have no idea what to do next.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi there , did you tryed again sending a spy in the barbarian camp ? you have to send it on lvl 1 barb , the task indicated you witch one you should spy . You will recieve other tasks whe this one is complete :)

  • Also, pay attention to the arrow that will show you the "right" barbarian camp that you need to spy on, in order to complete the quest. If you no longer see the arrow, just reload the page. It must be a level 1 barbarian camp, located not far away from your city.

  • Nope, It's a bug, right barbarian and all other things, maybe because of that I dismissed my first spies, tentlan team, please pay attention to this question, not first person have this problem. reloaded game and so on many times, doesnt help.