Bug in server Edzna

  • Hello dear support

    I understood the server settings so that after each attack it must be 12 hours pause. When I attacked other players, it actually worked. Further attacks I could do after 12 hours. Yesterday, however, another player attacked me. He did it 4-5 times in 3 hours. Why 12 hour protection was not started? After each attack my wall lost 1 level. From 5th level fell to 1 in a few moments. Please explain, if I understand something wrong. This is far unjust when I can attack every 12 hours, and another person attacks me non stop. I have all reports of attacks.

    In addition, I bought turquoise and I could not run Parchment Pakal. There were no attacks on me, and so Premium was not available to run.

    Regards, mushu

  • Hi mushu22, there is one detail as far as attack protection of 12 hours is concerned: it does not apply if the score of the defender is the same or higher than that of the attacker. Was the score of the attacker at the moment of starting an attack higher that yours?

    As for Pakal parchment: you cannot use ir right after you attack someone, there is a cooldown of 12 hours before you can activate the attack protection.

  • So I did not quite understand the server settings. Thank you for explaining. But I have a question in this regard: how to defend against someone who has less points than me and even if no attack on me I can not turn on the parchment?

    Although the server is peaceful, there is no protection. I will not include the parchment when I attacked and I will not stop the attacks of "weaker" players. It's sad.