Merging, finding the balance

  • Hey there,

    Merging servers is a way to give them a new breath, to renew the dying interest players are loosing when a server is reaching its end. At least, that's the way I understand it.

    Unfortunately, the merges that are currently being undertaken are having a perverted effect on part of the community. Most players play on more than one server, and merging fr6 and fr7 at only a day of interval is forcing many a player to make a choice. Most will not continue playing on both, due to the stress such a merge is inflicting, and the screentime it is going to require. Already a number of players have announced their departure and given away their troops.
    Bottom line is: both servers will loose part of their best players.

    I wonder if the Spanish community is having the same kind of trouble.

    I forcefully regret that this hapenned, and I hope support is going to grasp the extent of that mistake and will not make it again.


  • Hey, we understand the concern, but on the other hand we also heard complaints before from previous merges of players that had leveled up on multiple servers only to have to give up all their accounts except one. A merge in this manner allows people with multiple accounts on different servers to join multiple bigger merged servers and preserve the different accounts if they so wish. Perhaps not what everyone wants, but there are plus and minuses to both approaches.

    We hear you in any case, we'll be paying attention to how the new servers go, and we are happy to hear more opinions on this.

  • Oh I'm quite happy to join an international server. Even though I had been preparing my accounts on different servers to be merged together, I'm looking forward to the challenge. What I regret is that the merges happened on the same week-end for two communities (French and Spanish), forcing a good many players to abandon one of the two merged servers.