Overall high score points

  • Im curious if anyone has table that shows how many points does every building lvl create. If its possible to count how many points you should have. Right now one of my largest tribe mates is leaving because she and others are loosin points for "no reason". We cant really figure out why she may have certain amount of points when she goes to sleep and significantly less when she comes back. its not wierd for her to see thousands of points just go puff.. But we dont know why it happens.

    Server that we are playing is edzna. So buildings and techs give extra points. Also there is no way to lose army. So loosing units isint the reason.

    I know that spent resources are main source of highscore points.. But what about population?. If you lose population.. do you still lose points.

  • this is a question that has been on my mind also.

    it will be really useful, if while upgrading a building, or doing a research, or recruiting a unit, the points that the action carries is shown along with the costs.