Server merges!

  • I am EXTREMELY upset about the merge of English Xultun with international servers. If I wanted to play on an international server, I would have signed up on an international server to begin with. Do you have any clue the chaos you are creating? Playing the game everyday is challenging enough. Now you are throwing into it the problems of trying to communicate with people who are speaking 5 or 6 different languages. Communication is key in this game for a good tribe to be able to function. Who has time to try to sit and translate 5 or 6 different languages while trying to coordinate attacks and defense? You are ruining this game for a lot of people by doing all these international merges. Also, there wouldnt be a need for so many server merges if you would stop opening all these new servers before other ones can be established. If you advertise a server as English speaking, then keep it as English speaking. That is why people signed up to play on that server in the first place. I have nothing against any other countries or their people or language but I specifically signed up on Xultun English server because the people on there were expected to speak English. Now you have totally changed my game play experience without any regard to how the people on the server might feel about going international. I have put in a lot of hard work and time on Xultun English and have to think long and hard about whether or not I am going to be continuing as a player there because of this ridiculous merge.

  • Don't make me laugh so hard! You have been playing there with a Bulgarian pet of yours, who hardly speaks any English.. so what if there are others that would do the same? Do not be such a hypocrite Genica and just play.. Or quit.

  • Bulgarian pet? He speaks English, thank you. And I will express my displeasure over this merger if I choose. I have already stated that if I wanted to play on an international server I would have joined one. This is about a merger. It is not about one particular person. However, being who you are, you would have to interject something totally unrelated into the thread. And thank you for your permission to play or quit, because Captain Obvious, I know those are my choices since the developers of this game took it upon themselves to merge an English speaking server with international servers without regard to the fact that some people dont want to play on international servers and signed up to play on particular servers because they were English speaking only. Now move along with your personal attacks. I am trying to speak about the server merge.