Players are inactive but troops are still allowed to be used in tambos?

  • Why is it that if a player goes inactive that his/her troops can remain active in the tambo of another player? This seems a bit unfair that another player is allowed to use an inactive player's troops in their tambo. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe there is a situation like this happening right now on one of the servers. A player is inactive but left their troops in an active player's tambo and those troops of the inactive player can be used by the active player. If this is true, then this seriously needs to be changed. It gives a very unfair advantage.

    Thank you!

  • isnt unfair, how do u know that player wont come back, if the player inactive is banned in that case troops should be removed, but if the player is only inactive, is legal, put that case i will be absent for month becoz illness or something else, since i cant put vacation for more than a 2 weeks, if i do that my trops will be wipe out, so i prefer send my trops to a friend player who will protect them, so stop crying

  • I was not crying. I was just pointing out that if an account is inactive then the troops that go with that account should be inactive as well. If you need to leave for a period of time, then put your account on vacation mode and be gone for a period of time. If you are gone for over 2 weeks due to illness, then how would you have known that before you gave your troops to someone else to hold? That makes no sense. You can always get online at least one time in 2 weeks to reactivate your vacation mode. Inactive accounts should have inactive troops. If you need to leave the game for a period of time, then go on vacation mode. You are going to tell me that someone can quit the game and never come back and someone else can use that person's troops forever is fair play? Nope, sorry. Not right.

  • ur sense of right isnt representative of all players, its ur opinion, if u dont like it, u can email to suport, if they arent agree whit u, u can leave the game as a protest

  • I was not saying I was representing all players. I have no clue why you are so hostile. I was suggesting that the developers look into changing this option. It makes no sense to allow active players to use inactive players' troops. And thank you, Captian Obvious, for telling me I can quit the game. I am not quitting the game. I am trying to make it a bit more fair.

  • Ok, so just because you dont think it's unfair doesnt mean it isnt unfair. Good that you have been playing the game for years. I am not asking your opinion in the first place. My post was directed toward the developers. You have your views. I have mine. I am very much entitled to ask the developers to look into this matter. It doesnt mean they will change it. I was just asking them to look into it because it gives an unfair advantage to other players if a person quits the game and they are kept in a clan just so their troops can be used. In my opinion, there should be 2 options, either quit playing the game (and your troops go inactive with your account) or go on vacation mode if you plan on coming back to the game. And I said "in my opinion". This post is directed toward the developers to ask them to look into this option. And, I will email with my suggestion as well. So again, thank you, Captian Obvious.