If a player goes inactive, so should their troops.

  • Hello Developers,

    I am writing with the concern that if a player goes inactive (quits the game) that it is still possible for that player's troops to be tambo'd in another player's tambo and used by another player. This seemingly gives an unfair advantage to other players. My proposal is that if a player goes inactive, then their troops should also be inactive. A player who quits the game should not be able to give his/her troops to others to use after they have stopped playing.

    If a player needs to be absent from the game then vacation mode should be used. If the player does not return to the game by the time vacation mode runs out, then their troops should remain in their city to be farmed along with their resources. Troops of inactive players should not be allowed to "live on" in the game when an account goes inactive.

    I have no problem with players sharing troops via tambo as long as both accounts are actively playing the game, but when a player needs to leave the game, then their troops should have to return to their city and their city put on vacation mode. If a player puts troops in another tribe member's tambo and their account goes inactive, then those troops should return to the inactive city and be able to be killed and resources farmed from that inactive player's cities. Please recognize that allowing an inactive account's troops being able to be used after the account is no longer active is an unfair advantage in the game. Technically, the troops of the inactive account should also be inactive as well. You created vacation mode for a reason. Troops are not allowed to be shared when a player goes into vacation mode so why should their troops be allowed to be active when the account is no longer active? Please reconsider letting this type of game play continue.

    Thank you!