Second city Building reset

  • i built my jaguar temple up to lvl 5 in my second city. I then sent troops with 10k res to my second city from my main. they arrived but i lost the troop and the res and my jaguar temple was reset back to level 3 ?

  • Ok that is officially the strangest thing I've heard today. We'll have a look and see if there's something out of whack because that should absolutely not happen. I'll come back to the thread in a few hours max.

  • It looks like nothing was lost according to our data, your Jaguar Temple should remain at level 5, and the troops simply didn't depart for some reason when you attempted to send them. It's possible you were seeing a lower level or your troops missing due to a minor data desynchronization issue, so I forced a refresh on your account. Could you please check again (you may have to refresh the page, i.e. F5/Control + R) and let me know if your Jaguar Temple, your units and your resources are what they should be?