Barbarian camps

  • As a new player to TENTLAN, I was wondering if any of the veteran players have ever produced a guide or chart showing what is required to attack the different level of barbarian camps. I have only seen one post (I may have overlooked one) that was dated August 14th 2015 by POISY and answered by Giaviotta the same day. Many new players would find this very helpful, especially if they start their own tribes, or, players like me can always ,have some information to keep handy without writing down and possibly losing. I may be wrong, but shouldn't the forum be used as a reference point to obtain valuable information about various aspects of the game.
    When you are in a tribe that has all new players, such information is needed and valuable. One could ask one of the veteran players, in the TRIBES of your server, but would you really trust that information, because this is a war game?

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  • Thanks Pixie, that is basically what I have been doing. One level I sent just spies to gather information of the troops in the camp, the next level I used spies and troops to get the same information. Just was curious because unless someone with experience lets you know this information, you will go through many spies and troops before you get the hang of what is needed. I was just tired of losing my spies and troops just to spy, that was all. Most war games give more and maybe better information, ie. defensive or offensive uses, other than the weakness percentage of the different troops that are involved in battle.

    I also found a post from 2015 where one player used just one type of troop in his attacks and did fairly well with the results, then again they were simulated results. He used just lancers for one attack and bowman for another attack, with differing results, granted he had 1000+ of each in his two attacks. When I can amass hundreds of eagle warriors and jaguar warriors my worries should be over. I am getting there.

  • Thanks again Pixie, this is the dialogue that is needed in the forum. So glad you have stepped forward with your knowledge. Espionage was one aspect I had overlooked also. I now have a broader outlook of the game, as it has many elements that play hand in hand while growing your city(s). Getting close to my one month anniversary playing Tentlan, just want to be here many more months.