• In December there was a Christmas Truce 2017. It was from 24.12. 18:00 (CET) to 26.12. 18:00 https://forums.tentlan.com/ind…624-Christmas-Truce-2017/ , but there was no Christmas Truce for those who celebrate Christmas on 6th of January (like Russians)

    Now, during the Easter, the event was a day longer. We had +15% Cocoa and it started from Friday 30.03 00:01 (CEST) to Monday 02.04 23:59 Weekend event: +15% Cacao . But again you have done nothing for those who celebrate Easter on 9th of April (Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians and so on). The Event was as long as usual Weekend event: Strength/Stamina boost for Atlatls and Eagles .

    And what about players from Turkey? Are there any events when they have a religious celebrations?

    Having 15 international servers on which you officially support some of the players makes me feel… unsure. Are we all wellcome to play here?

  • We try to cater to players of all nationalities and countries, but sometimes we have to make concessions depending on the festivity or the event to ensure things are fair to everyone. Had we extended the Christmas truce to January 6th in Russia or ran another extended Easter weekend event on April 9th in Russia or Bulgaria, then players of these nationalities would have gotten the festivity bonus twice, since we do not exclude these nationalities from the European festivities. Because running events twice in certain countries would be unfair, and because separating countries by festivities opens a whole new can of worms (what happens when, in an international server, players from Turkey get a festivity event due to a Turkey national holiday, but other players do not?), what we decided to do instead is to run festivity events once for everyone.

    Now, we understand that this is not ideal, and there are going to be holidays where this doesn't work very well, but at present it is the only system we have to ensure we are not discriminating one way or the other. In April 2th, everyone whether from Germany or Bulgaria got the extra +15% Cacao day, even though the Easter holidays are not universal.

  • “In April 2th, everyone whether from Germany or Bulgaria got the extra +15% Cacao day, even though the Easter holidays are not universal.” And even though part of your players had to go to work (because there was no holiday) and the other part were not working and have more time to play.
    And about the system it is really easy – MAKE THE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM WHITHOUT ANY EXAPTIONS!
    After all, if Tentlan Team can not follow his own rules, about something as simple as events, why the players should play by the rules? O, I remember why ! Because we will be punished.

  • Small change in weekend events great X( , now there won't be any old information about the events, so we won't be able to complane. We will not have way to prove what we are saying.
    And by the way, when you click on the announce it disappears. So it is impossible to use google translate. I hope you did not forger that English is an international language, but not all of us speak it.

  • It's true that you can no longer give thumbs up/thumbs down feedback on weekend events, we may implement a feedback option directly in-game in the future, but for now you can always open a new thread to comment on the weekend event any time.

    Regarding in-game announcements, fair point, we are trying to get them localized into all languages asap, but some translations, like Bulgarian, are not yet done; in those cases it's shown in English for the moment. We are working on this as we speak.

  • I was just hoping that you will find a way to make the announce to stay, when we click on it, so we can use "copy, print, google translate", but your answer is much better. Thank you! :)