• Banned players do not lose their "vacation mode" status, even if inactive. This is by design, since a banned player can always appeal the ban later, plus attacking and plundering a player that cannot defend himself in any way would be a little unfair.

    Players that are not banned lose their vacation mode status after 15 days. Inactives are shown as such in the world map after 7 days of inactivity, hence it's possible for an inactive to still have vacation mode active. They will eventually lose it if the original player doesn't log back in.

  • Yes, I have seen a few that had "Banned" and vacations on their cities. That makes sense that they cannot come back. I was just watching some that were only "vacations" and inactive. I will keep watching them.

  • The reason you see them have "vacation" on all the time is that they log back into the game every 15 days and reactivate the vacation. In that way you can stay in vacation mode forever for free.