Troops. is there a glitch?

  • I am unsure what is going on but I have done this twice now and thought it was my error. the first time with not enough resources. I set to build 500 Atlatl Hunters and it says that it has completed them twice now and when I go to look I have now 42 made and that is it. as well as my 100 Eagle Warrior they say they did it again they are missing. I know that they should be there. but what is happening? I am unsure if the resources are missing as I have not been keeping track of them just making sure that my cave has what I need while I walk to build troops. any idea what is going on?

  • To our knowledge there is no glitch. If you place an order to recruit units that exceeds what you can recruit, then the max amount that can be recruited will be recruited and the order will finish after that. E.g. if you order 500 Atlatl Hunters but your resources can only recruit up to 42, then 42 Atlatl Hunters will be recruited and then the order will stop. Does this help? If you still believe there's a glitch, you can reach out to support here where our support team can take a look at the specifics of what happened and figure out if there's a problem.