Beta server more "accessible"

  • i know this might be an old topic and not so fun. Last forum post i read was that beta server is still in speed x4. I think that is a bit bad since we already have server with speed x6 since some time. I would really want to play on beta as much as i can and to be fun too.
    i would like to see a more beta like setup for the server.
    I think a local market (just for beta server) would be a nice improvement. For example buying those stuff with corn instead of turquoise.
    If that is a bit more complicated , then just add another item, 1k turquoise for 1mil corn.
    that would improve the game after all and would make everything more faster by simple buying time. ( halfing the times of building and researches with turquoise)

    Another ideea would be to get a monthly amount of turquoise. Rounding a bit up, i would say 5k/month. so you can buy all blessing for the entire month.

    if you have any other ideas i would like ot hear them.
    Hopefully we can make the beta server more alive for testing.