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    My suggestion contains of a Tribe Wonder which is available to every Tribe.

    The Idea would be pretty straight forward to implement since is not a building. Will be only a new tab in the tribe menu.

    Developing Tribe Wonder levels and bonuses:

    Donating resources will improve the level of the Tribe Wonder:
    Donating will be made as now, transfering/sending resources.

    --- Transfering resources will take time. The time of resources transfer will increase as the level of the Tribe Wonder increases. (to developers calculations)
    --- The capacity is limited to the Poloms or Pochteca you select from the city you are sending/donating.

    --- My suggested resources needed for the Tribe Wonder would be all four: limestone, obsidian, cacao and corn. ( I understand that corn is not a big issue at lowers levels, but would make sense with the upgrading time part and because workers need food )
    --- Upgrading the Tribe Wonder will take time. The time for upgrading will increase as the level increases. ( again at developers latitude and calculations)

    Bonuses of the Tribe Wonder:

    The Bonuses percentage will increase as the Tribe Wonder level will increase.
    --- The current level Bonus and percentage + the percentage of the next Bonus improvement is shown in the Tribe Wonder UI-user interface.

    --- The Bonuses for the Tribe Wonder which will be increased alternatively. That means, every level a different Bonus will be increasing (at developers latitude and calculations)
    --- My Tribe Bonuses would be: Construction speed, Attack Bonus, HP Bonus, Troops speed, Storage capacity ( The percentages and order of their increase at developers calculations)

    My suggestion of Rules and Limitation with Tribe Wonder:
    --- Only the Leader of the Tribe can start the time for upgrading the Tribe Wonder.
    --- The construction time of the Tribe Wonder is not affected by any construction speed Events.

    --- The Bonuses will only apply if the player is in the tribe at the moment of attack or any troops movement. Preventing hit and run type of players and giving time for the tribe to kick players if they feel used only for tribe bonuses.
    --- Resources sent over the required amount will be lost. Motivating players to comunicate and plan to prevent losing resources.

    I tried to make a preview of the tab in the Tribe UI.
    Could be added different image, could be added a story or some other stuff.
    Would like to hear your ideas, suggestions and bonuses ideas.
    Everything can be changed or have better name, bonuses, rules.

    i know this might be an old topic and not so fun. Last forum post i read was that beta server is still in speed x4. I think that is a bit bad since we already have server with speed x6 since some time. I would really want to play on beta as much as i can and to be fun too.
    i would like to see a more beta like setup for the server.
    I think a local market (just for beta server) would be a nice improvement. For example buying those stuff with corn instead of turquoise.
    If that is a bit more complicated , then just add another item, 1k turquoise for 1mil corn.
    that would improve the game after all and would make everything more faster by simple buying time. ( halfing the times of building and researches with turquoise)

    Another ideea would be to get a monthly amount of turquoise. Rounding a bit up, i would say 5k/month. so you can buy all blessing for the entire month.

    if you have any other ideas i would like ot hear them.
    Hopefully we can make the beta server more alive for testing.

    yes.. very helpfull reply @Cazzue, it is all clear now.

    Melissa, as far as i know, there is a colldown period for moving cities. about 12h from the time you moved that specific city. Every city has its own cooldown from the time you last move. I don't know for sure if the server speed affects that cooldown period.