[★R☠R★] Russian Roulette

  • I think we need to avoid calling people 'cheats' without evidence. I know I previously reported what I thought were irregularities but I did not do this with malice and only with the intention to make the game better for its players. We should perhaps continue to contact the developers privately with any concerns over what we might think is 'cheating' rather than provoke further hostilities between players and tribes :). Further, if there are flaws in the game, some of which have been accepted by the devs, can we really 'blame' those players who exploit these?

  • Still moaning?

    There're no cheats. Just simple observations and calculations...

    Our Bear cavalry tramples down the enemy

    I want you to pay attention to...

    I thought you can only talk, but I was mistaken.
    While 'brave warriors' were moaning on the forum, one person did what we all should do...

    She started to play!

    She did almost everything right. And I really respect her courage.
    Zexa, thank you for playing. Wish you a restoration.
    I take off my hat!

    Hope this song will cheer you up... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li58voy6xXM

  • Thank you for the compliments. Maybe I will be back. Great version of The Trooper too :)

  • The querstion still remains as to why Zexa never got a battle report.
    This needs to be addressed by M0H0.
    Was there a glitch in the system?
    If a defender is able to time his/hr troops to return at the last minute or second and defend his City does the ensuing battle not get correctly recorded.
    What is not at dispute is that Zexa launched the attack.

    According to her she kept spying all thru the attack and still never saw the defenders troops returning.

    How can this be? I assume and Zexa can verify this that her wall lvls are oer at the time of the attack launch WERE higher than the defenders.

    As I write this one other scenario I can think of is that the defender upgraded his wall during the atttack and before it landed and as a consequence Zexa never saw the troops return to the City to defend it.

    If so it would be good to know as else one could well think there was a glitch or worse.

  • I can't say what's wrong with her battle report, but I told Zexa how she was caught

    So I gather and we (CHI) appreaciate it.
    As I understnad it long after the battle she finally got a battle report.
    But she did say she spied on you City and she never sae your troops arriving.

    She also said you were very nice abouit it all and we (CHI) appreciate that.

    It is very possible that since we cant see one another we dont get body language cues so all we have is the written word to go on to get some idea if the other person is joking or not when they write something and this is more so when English in not someone's language of choice or first language.

    BTW English is NOT my first language either. I was born and educated mostly in Sri Lanka and came to New Zealand for my last two years of schooling.

  • Quote

    What is really sad is that your are here Gloating over your wins when you know that there is a flaw in the battle mechanics. If there was no flaw you would have lost your army by now. . Wait until the battle mechanics are fixed. Then we will see how many Battle reports you will be posting in here.

    (c) Hoggel

    El: Hey, Nick, how can we entertain "our friends"?
    Nick: We have something new....

    You wanted something fresh... You got it...

  • Friday was full of battles...
    So now in order of changing the conception we want you to follow us and visit the different countries.

    R☠R is on the quest for the Worldstone...

    Sit down and enjoy the journey...

    The first country in the list of our searchings is...
    Shalom Israel!

    A historical reference:

    We were glad to meet the familiar faces and didn't forget to visit them...

    -Where's the stone?

    But they couldn't help us. Our quest goes on...

    P.S. Some Israeli music...

  • Hola!
    R☠R were to another country. Some excerpts from the diary...

    A historical reference:

    The weather was nasty. Our "5★" hotel was something like that:

    Suddenly, I heard a pretty woman calling for help!
    Yes, I am-the perfect gentlemen, who is able to defend the honor of lady!
    So that vilain was "ping-ed pong-ed"

    And I won spurs...

    However, we still have no information about the Worldstone....
    Maybe next time...

    P.S. OST :D

  • Thanks El Draque for bringing life into this game and stop te rule of Tenoc! I think we can say you have won! Four players have bought protection....... So I declare you the winner!!