support for Beta server

  • Beta does not have its own forum. The board icon links to the boards in various languages.
    Clicking on the support tab brings up other servers, but not Beta.
    Why is Beta an orphan?

    The specific issue I would like to see addressed is this: on other servers, barbarians that have been looted are removed and new barbarians randomly placed every few hours. On Beta this does not occur. The pillaged barbarians remain in place and are removed every 24 hours only. Yet there are 4 rounds of barbarian looting per day. This means that it is a pain to find barbarians that have not already been looted. It is a waste of time and corn to spy, since you have to go further and further away.

    Could you please fix this, and also give Beta its own support option?

  • Fixed, should be a bit better now. Since the level of activity on the beta server is low, for the moment it does not have its own forum, but for any issues pertaining the server we are ok if you use this forum instead.