Reports rather than activity notes

  • Some things that occur show up only in activity and not in reports (such as when you send troops or resources to another player, or get spied by another player). The activity list gets too cluttered and there is no kind of permanent record. If you have been attacked, you get a report and see that when you get back online, but not when you get spied or someone sends you something.

    IMHO the activity list should only contain items that are current i.e. happening now, and when they are over they should become reports. This is what happens when you do the spying, but not when it is done to you. Once they become reports they should be deleted from the activity list.

    You need to see incoming as activity, but not after it is over.

  • Are you aware that there is an activity window (what is happening now) and a notifications window (what has happened)? Because it sounds like you may be confusing the two. When you get you spied or when someone sends you resources or troops you get a permanent entry on the notifications list (though it is true that the notifications list tends to get cluttered).

  • Yes I was lumping them together kind of. I actually meant the notifications window. It is poorly designed for a couple of reasons:
    1. it will say things like "sun temple has been expanded to level 30" but not specify in which city.
    2. When you are scanning through it and possibly trying to delete some of them, the window will suddenly scroll to the top i.e. latest notification, even though nothing may have changed, and you lose your place or worse yet, delete something you wanted to keep. I don't see the point of having notifications as such. They should just be reports. Full and complete reports. Maybe I'm just spoiled in that regard. I played Tribal Wars for a long time, and it has a great report system. All reports have categories, such as attack, defense, construction, etc, and you can choose which ones you want to see and which ones you don't. In other words, fully customizable to the user.