Game rules

  • Game rules

    Last Update: 27 July 2016


    These Game Rules (“rules”) regulate the use of the online game Tentlan (“game”). The rules apply to all players in equal degree, in order to ensure fair play game environment. By registering an account in the game, the player is obligated to follow these rules. Please note that it is the responsibility of the player to inform himself/herself about the rules, and to comply with them. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse from compliance therewith.

    § 1. Game Account

    a) Each player is allowed to have only one account per game server (game world) in Tentlan. Each account is to be played only for its own benefit. Accounts that solely exist for the benefit of other accounts, may be banned permanently.

    b) Two or more players are permitted to share the internet connection or play from the same PC, as long as each player only plays his/her own account, and as long as one account is not used for the benefit of the other account(s).

    c) Each account is allowed to be played by a single player at a time only. Using one account by more than one player is forbidden, including any temporary use of the same account by more than one player. The only exception from this rule is account sitting, see §1d.

    d) While absent from the game, each player is permitted to have his/her account watched by another player (“Account Sitting”), provided that this period does not exceed 10 consecutive days and does not occur oftener than once every 30 days. No special permission from the support team is required for account sitting. Under no circumstances is the sitter allowed to derive any benefit from the account he/she sits, neither for his/her own account, nor for any other account other than the account he/she sits. The account owner is responsible for his/her sitter.

    e) Any commercial activities with accounts are not permitted. It is therefore forbidden to sell accounts or parts thereof, to buy or offer them in any other way for commercial purposes.

    §2. Communication

    a) To ensure amicable and pleasant game environment, players are expected to treat each other and the members of the support team with respect, and remain tolerant and polite when communicating with each other.

    b) Not allowed are:
    - Any kinds of politically extreme, pornographic, offensive, racist, defamatory and similar content,
    - Sending spam, chain letters, posting advertisement links,
    - Insulting other players, using obscene vocabulary and vulgar tone,
    - Any intentions of extortion, coercion and/or threats with respect to real life,
    - Impersonation of any member of the support team, including the use of names and nicks, avatars, signatures, etc.,

    whenever using the game chat, forum, sending in-game messages, uploading images, publishing player and tribe profile descriptions and names (player names, tribe names, city names, etc.), or whenever using any other game functions. The support team will determine if the behavior in each particular case is in compliance with the rules listed above, and apply the corresponding sanctions accordingly.

    c) It is not allowed to publish private correspondence (personal messages, personal discussions) without an explicit consent of all participants, including any communication with members of the support team.

    d) Inappropriate behavior towards the members of the support team, abusive use of the report button and the ticket system, may equally result in sanctions.

    e) The official language of this game version is English. It refers to the game itself, to all its web sites, the chat, and the forum. Use of other languages, whenever using the means of ingame communication or the game forum, is not allowed.

    § 3. Bug Using

    a) Exploitation of any errors/bugs in the game system for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Every player is obligated to communicate any critical errors he has the knowledge of to the support team.

    b) Any kind of manipulation of and interfering with the game system, as well as unnecessary traffic generation is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use bots, automatic or semi-automatic programs or scripts that may activate and/or exploit certain functions in the game system.

    § 4. Gameplay hindrance

    It is not permitted to knowingly and deliberately hinder other players from accessing the game, or to substantially impede their gameplay, for example, through sending a large and disproportional amount of attacks/spy missions, or by any other means that result in substantial hindrance or impossibility to load and/or use the game software. The support team will determine in each particular case if gameplay hindrance took place, and apply sanctions where necessary.

    § 5. Pushing

    a) The use of one or more accounts with the sole purpose of advancing the progress of another account (“Pushing”), is forbidden. This is the case when one account regularly and repeatedly receives troops and/or resources from other account(s), thereby such transfers mainly occur unilaterally for the benefit of the account(s) being pushed, or are extremely unbalanced in favor of such accounts.

    b) Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources between fellow tribe members to help each other, as well as troop transfers for joint actions (joint attacks, defense, etc.) of fellow tribe members, as long as such transfers do not occur regularly and unilaterally for the benefit of the same account, are not considered as pushing.

    § 6. Violation of the Game Rules

    a) Any violation of the game rules may be penalized with sanctions, ranging from a temporary game ban or a chat mute, up to a permanent game ban. The support team is not obligated to give a prior warning to the player of his/her violation of the rules. Depending on the severity of each particular case, the support team will decide upon the corresponding sanctions in each particular case.

    b) In specific, duly justified cases, even if such cases are not explicitly mentioned in these rules, the support team reserves the right to intervene and apply sanctions if necessary.

    § 7. Adjustment of the Game Rules

    The Tentlan team reserves the right to adjust the rules at any time, especially if some parts of the game have been changed. The player is recommended to keep himself/herself informed about the current status of the game rules, that are usually announced on the official forum of Tentlan.