Seperate buildings and technologies in Activity-queue

  • Hi there,

    I am just new, but when I started playing, I noticed something very annoying. In the beggining at least, don't know if it is also later in the game, if you want to grow quick, you want to keep your queue's for buildings and technologies running at all time, I guess. In the left-corner beneath you can see how many activities you have running, which is really helpfull. But it would been even nice, if you could also easy see how many of that are buildings and how many are technologies, so you know what you can and can't do, and which queues are full and which isn't. Maybe 2 numbers in 2 colors? Or maybe a seperation when you click on it, to make an option to sort it. Don't know if you guys think it would be handy, but in my opinion, it would really help :)

    E: I have played a little more, and the same goes for military training, which is also mixed with the buildings and technologies. So also that would be seperated, following this idea. I don't know if there are also other things that also go in there, stacking up on a pile, like attacks or something like that.

    If it's not clear what I mean, just ask and I will try to explain it as good as possible :).
    Anyways, thanks for reading :)

  • Understood loud and clear :) We've thought about this before, and although it's currently not present we may experiment with sorting/filtering features in future updates. It's worth nothing that this becomes more managable as you progress in game, since you won't be building/researching/recruiting etc in "rapid-fire" constantly as you do at the beginning.

  • It is 3 years later and all the notifications are still piled up in the same "box" and it is still confusing to figure out what researches are going on and what troops are being trained. It took a few days to realize that each city has its own notifications, but combined with that are the attacks & spy missions. Is it possible to get these things color coded to make it easier to distinguish them from all the notes? Also, the messages are still jumbled up... personal letters are mixed in with war reports/spy reports. Yes, it is very annoying. Is this something that can be done?