Will the followwing be implemented with the update - to the batte mechanics?

  • Will the TAMBO be operational?

    Even if not will the ability to move troops back and forth from one player to another be disallowed?
    Bearing in mind that by allowing this to happen when a higher ranked player moves troops to a lower ranked player that player's rank gets artifically inflated only to go down once the troops get given back to the higher ranked.

    Also though in effect when a lower ranked player returns the troops 'given' to him or 'borrowed' by him he is in fact PUSHING especially if the troop compliment returned isnt exactly the same as was borrowed in the first place be it quantity-wise or else by type of warrior.

    Allowing players to donate troops to another also allows an Alliance to get players to concentrate on building one type of warrior so that say the strongest player ends up with a large and varied troop of warriors for attacks. Then the sreonger player can recompense the others by ay of sending them resources to build more troops. This per se is not a bad thing and an interesting tactic but I dont think I favour it.

    I certainly think that a player cannot be 'given' a warrior that that player has not the capability to 'build' him/herself due to the fact that he/she has not got the correct levels to build that warrior.

    Ugh excuse the typos!

  • Lots of questions :) For the future we'd prefer to keep different subjects to different threads, but let's see if I can address them all:

    • Tambo is unfortunately not coming yet since it still needs some more work. It is coming in the near future though, it's very high on our list.
    • We don't intend to change dramatically how moving or "donating" troops between players works yet, mainly because, without Tambo, it remains the only way to organize joint attacks and joint defense between multiple players. It is possible we make changes or limit how this works once Tambo is in place, but I cannot confirm that yet.
    • We understand pushing as the act of sending troops and resources repeatedly from a lower rank account to the higher one where the lower ranked account exists solely to push the higher one. Sending troops back and forth between players is allowed, even if the lower ranked player at times returns troops to the higher one.
    • Generally, as long as it is not pushing, if different players arrange exchanges between troops and resources, that is up to them, these tactics are allowed.
    • We commented on this before but we agree that a very low ranked player shouldn't be able to host the stronger units if he has not the requirements to recruit them. That limitation is going to be enacted very very soon.