• What I see now is that some big players have probabbly a small account (made by some els I think). I see some small account close to a big one, the small accounts don't grow in points! I've been following them! So if you work together with a family member / friend, the made a small account, you send your army to it and it is safe. They send it back.

    The big advantage, with the new protection they can't be hit!!! I alreade seen two of those accounts........ So please fix the tamboo!!! And stop with the option giving troops away! And make an option that you can attack with an ally member togheter! In the tamboo. So if you set your troops somewhere you stil need a way to attack toghether! Nog alone. Know with one battle round it is impossible of the tamboo works to attack togheter (or there need to be an option for that..........)