An alternative to Tribe Chat or Wall.

  • I don't quite like the way the Tribe Chat/Wall is set up.
    It would be good to be able to have important messages stickied and so on.
    Of course an Tribe could set up a forum/board off game.
    What I am wondering is that since there is a board in the game anyway could each TRIBE be allocated an area that is Password protected by Alliance that allows them to communicate with fellow Tribe members and the get rid of the existing Tribe Wall.
    If doing this affects the game server bandwidth and is unweildy I understand. If so then I would like the existing Tribe Wall changed so we can sticky messages.

  • Sharing this forum for every tribe could get out of hand pretty quickly, so I don't think we'll able to offer that in the near future. But I agree that a separate area of important or sticky messages in the wall could be of use, many players have requested this in fact, so for that reason I'm confident that this will make its way into Tentlan eventually.