sharing connection

  • i have a question, me and my husband are both playing this game with the same internet connection, and now i heard i have to say this,but where do i do this and how?

  • You have to send an email to support or PM (Private Message) M0H0 or Gaviotta.
    To PM M0H0 or Gaviotta do as follows:
    Look to the top of the screen when in this forum.
    You will see your name and next to that a Title saing Notifications and next to that a Title saying Conversations.
    Click on Conversations and then there will be a drop down menu that appears and from that click on New Conversation.
    Then a new area appears.
    Enter a Title to the conversation - say like - computer sharing or shared internet.
    Then in add participants type M0H0 then comma then Gaviotta. If you have typed their names correctly as you type them their name will appear in a drop down area so yo can pick that name as well.

    Then you can type a mesage to them in the message area.
    That is the best and easiest way to contact them it seems to me.

    I cant remember the email address for Supporrt unfortunately off the top of my head