breaking down the wall

  • Hi all, some long build times coming up so figure to reach out and get to know some of ya, I just started playing the game seem interesting but very quite, I believe I'm in the 2nd world, and was wondering How the last world went or if its still going? how long does a world last is there different style's, speeds stuff like that, and if your new too? hope to hear from ya, Happy hunting ;)

  • Hi :) and welcome to the Board/Forum!!
    It needs some livening up.
    It has gone very quiet.

    The first English Server is still going but not sure how active it is and maybe the DEVS (M0H0 and Gaviotta) would like to comnent on this. I also do not know if the DEVS have an end time in mind for a world/server but if they do it would be good to know.

    Some games allow worlds/servers to be merged but how this would work I have no idea and I don't think that would be very popular.

    Actually both MAYAPAN and UXMAL are very young game-wise.

    What would be good to know is when the next updates will be rolled out and what these will be.

  • Hey, just to clarify, currently worlds do not have a predefined goal or time to end, so while the second one Uxmal is indeed newer and has a few more players than Mayapan, both are relatively young, active and going strong :) Also it's possible we'll have special servers in the future, but for now both worlds run at the same speed and have the same features. Regarding the next updates, we'll have more to say about that very soon, stay tuned ;)

  • Hi Bluwinghawk, Zuma has had issues playing on both servers. It could be a cache issue. I ahve had issues too.

    For one thing you do have to register for each server you play seperately.

    I am using the same email address, name and even password for both MAYAPAN and UXMAL.

    So what I do is log into each server on a different TAB on my BROWSER ( I am using FIREFOX as I have had error messages crop up when playing on Chrome) and then bookmark each server. Then I log into either server on different TABS. Sometimes this does not seem to work right and I find myself logged onto the one server on both TABS. If this happens what I would do is log out from ONE server on one TAB. TO do this look to the top right and click on the 85% circle with a straight line icon. Once logged out make sure you are on the server you want to be by choosing it from the drop down menu and choosing it. Then go to the other TAB and see if you are on the other server. Sometimes you get logged out of that TAB. So re-log in on that one making sure you are ont eh other server on that TAB. I have found that once I do this a coup,e of times at most the two TABS are on seperate servers.

    Hope this helps

  • We recommend adding '?noredirect' at the end of the url if you are having issues logging in into another server using the same browser. E.g: other than that normally it should work without issues. As for turquoise, if you want to transfer turquoise between servers you have to contact me or Gaviotta privately, but otherwise we can do both complete and partial transfers between servers, that's not a problem; we only ask that you don't request this too often since it's a manual process, but as long as it's something ocassional it's fine.

  • Hi all, well a sad day My tribe was disbanded today, and fellow members are being spread out to different tribes which I guess is a good thing to equal out alliance sizes, And what ever the Reason, not Important!!!
    But what I do think is Important is that if you ever decide to Disband your tribe, do it in a planed manner since members do build relationships here and might want to do there own thing, are join another alliance with a group of friends they made, But my best wishes to our former leader, and Happy hunting to all the peeps I have got to know in my previous Alliance, it has been a pleasure learning from you all, and hope you success in your new tribe

  • Hi folks....I play an online farm game on several of their servers and used to have to open a window for each one, connect to the server for each one, select the server for each farm, then I could log on to each without being put into the same one twice.

    Found out all I have to do is uncheck "remember me/password" and can add a server in a new tab any time I want. What a time-saver with No aggrevation!!

    Maybe that will also work with this game.