Issues joining a tribe

  • I have noticed that when players ask to join a tribe and it is accepted they do not automatically get added to the tribe. I find this rather odd. IF players are trying to in more than ONE tribe that should not be allowed I dont think and once they send a request and the request is accepted by that Tribe then they should be added to that Tribe. I do realise that if a Tribe is trying to recruit players and if the player concerned has not built a Tribe Council then they cannot accept the Invite but if so it would be good for that Tribe recruiter to get a message saying that the player cannot join a Tribe due to the fact that he/she has not built a Tribal Council.

  • This is by design, I addressed this question here. A tribe admin doesn't have a right to "get" a member if he applies, much like how in real life you are not forced to work for somebody if they express interest in hiring you for a job. I understand as a tribe admin it can be frustrating at times, but we think it's the right thing to do to let the player have the final say on the decision on joining the tribe.

  • Hi M0H0,

    I can see your point but it does seem that the player base is not aware of this. They apply to join a tribe, the Tribe Leader or Administrator accepts the request and then the player does not join and many have told me that is because they assumed they had not been aceepted. It could be that this is because the newer players dont check their messages or dont know how to do so. What messge does the player get to say they have been accepted to Tribe X for example.

  • Hi all,
    Just something to add to the discussion. I haven't found the same problems with the current system for Tribe applications/invitations and I have not had any reports or complaints about it from any of my recruiters or other Tribe members (Xinxel Tribe on the Uxmal server). I agree with M0T0 that it is one thing to invite a player and another for that player to decide which Tribe they wish to join. I have not felt the need to follow up on why a player I invited to my Tribe has taken up an invitation with another Tribe instead of mine.

  • In some other games, you will get a PM "private message" to confirm that you are allowed to join, and by clicking it you'll immediately go to accept and then you can there confirm