quest not being recognized when completed

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    Let's check what other Ahaus have got in their warehouses. But to rule out surprises, let's send our spies first, so that they can get us information about the enemy's troops and resources.
    Spy on another player with success


    I have done this quest 6 times and not being recognized as completed!

  • Got quest completed, needed to spy on other than a barbarian it seems.

    Glad it's resolved, quests will typically let you know whether you need to interact with a player or a barbarian village in order to complete it, so make sure to pay attention to the wording of the requirement next time :)

  • Please make sure it was a player whom you spied on, not a barbarian village, since this seems to be the reason why the quest cannot be completed. If you spy on another player with success, and the quest is still not completed, please let us know about it in this thread, and we'll check it.

  • Are you xTomomi of the server Uxmal? If so, it looks like the quest is completed now. If not, please let us know your account name and in which server do you play so we can take a look.

  • oh the quest completed, but i didnt get the reward

    but now i have a different problem ... i did my barb attacks today and instead of getting an amber stone, it actually subtracted one somehow .. i should have 9 as yesterday i had 8,..... but now i have 7... and no, i definitely didnt spin the wheel

    if you can have a looky i'd be grateful .. i'm sure any log you keep will show this

  • Hi xTomomi, sorry for the delay, we've checked the logs but we couldn't spot anything out of the ordinary. I can see that you had 5 amber stones on the 27th, 6 on the 28th and 7 on the 29th, so perhaps you didn't notice you had a bit less than you thought? Otherwise if you could provide any more information to aid the investigation that would be great, since as it stands we are unable to find anything further than that.