Multiple BUGS!!!

  • Queue not in sync multiple times- PER DAY- am not getting credited. QUEUE SAYS AM READY FOR LEVEL 9- HOWEVER LEVEL 8 NOT CREDITED. IS THIS INTENTIONAL?

  • Hi Ides of March, did you notice that the Underground Cave requires the season summer in your city? It sounds to me like you are adding the Underground Cave to the queue, but then changing the season, thus when the time comes to start the upgrade the required season isn't available and so the upgrade doesn't happen. The solution for this is just to remember not to switch to another season if you have an upgrade that depends on it queued, such as the Underground Cave.

    You can see on which season does a building/research/ritual/unit depend on in its respective window, to the left of its name in white letters and red background:

    If the icon is present, place your mouse over it to see which season does it require. If the icon is missing, it means it can be upgraded any time regardless the season.

    P.S: I removed the other threads since you wrote about the same issue multiple times, but feel free to follow up if this doesn't help and/or if you experience further issues.