Inactive Cities Up For Grabs

  • I know that the devs clean out inactive cities after a time. How about allowing players to capture inactive cities after they have been so for 30 days? I would say that an inactive city after a month has been abandoned by a player and active players should have a chance to occupy and capture the ones that are nearby them.

  • We are thinking about city take overs and conquests, so it is possible this will be part of it, but at the moment it's still a rough idea so I can't say how will the final execution look like or whether we'll do it. But it's definitely a valid point.

  • those inactive cities give us beginners a chance to get some (minor amounts) extra resources without losing troops. I do like the idea of being able to conquer that inactive city, as it would then be ready to move into and become productive; especially if we get to keep all buildings and upgrades as they are in that city. This could be the practice for an upgrade for conquering Active cities? just a couple of thoughts. Thanks.